Hôtel de la Marine : a taste of 18th century !

In the middle of the 18th century, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, architect, was responsible for developing Place Louis XV, which would become Place de la Concorde after the Revolution. In order to occupy the two palaces located to the north of the square, it was decided in 1765 to accommodate the Crown furniture store in the east.

For nearly 25 years, the two stewards of the Garde-Meuble, Pierre-Elisabeth de Fontanieu then Marc-Antoine de Ville d’Avray occupied the Palace, which also housed storage areas, workshops, exhibition galleries and company apartments. They were responsible for fitting out the royal residences and maintaining their furniture, be it Versailles, Fontainebleau, Marly and others. At the beginning of the Revolution, King Louis XVI left Versailles for Paris as well as the State administrations. The Ministry of the Navy moved into the palace housing the Garde-Meuble in 1789.

On September 16, 1792, the theft of the Crown jewels took place at the Hotel de la Marine. During the night, thieves stole a booty of nearly 30 million francs in the living room where the jewels were displayed.

Today, the Mobilier national, installed in other premises, is still in charge of furniture for French institutions, such as the Presidency of the Republic at the Elysée Palace.

The National Museums Center, responsible for the Hôtel de la Marine, has undertaken a large-scale restoration to restore the Intendant’s apartments to their 18th century splendour.

Important events took place within it : it was here that Victor Schoelcher prepared the decree for the abolition of slavery in the French colonies, adopted on April 27, 1848 by the provisional government of the second Republic.

Emmanuelle Fournier, your licensed guide, invites you to discover the apartments of the Intendant du Garde-Meuble. The furniture, largely original or completed at auction, the hangings, paintings form a remarkable setting to evoke the history of France and Paris.

Emmanuelle Fournier will show you the astonishing dining room, where a reconstituted oyster lunch gives a glimpse of the splendor of French service in the 18th century.

From the loggia of the Hotel de la Marine, you can admire the Place de la Concorde and its famous obelisk, which adorns the center. It reminds us that it was Mehemet Ali, Viceroy of Egypt who offered it to Charles X in 1830 in gratitude for the discovery of Jean-François Champollion, Egyptologist, who deciphered the hieroglyphs.

Duration of the tour :

30 minutes to 2 hours

Maximum group size :

From 1 to 6 people

Private tour price :

From 60 to 120 euros

Entrance tickets price :

12 euros per adult

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