Dior Gallery : a haute couture dream !

Since the creation of the fashion house that bears his name in 1947, Christian Dior has revolutionized the world of fashion. Success is evident with the “Corolle” lines (the couturier draws inspiration from the curves of flowers to design his dresses) and the “En 8” line (the silhouette, with its marked waist and rounded shapes, recalls the shape of the number 8) nicknamed “New Look” following the sentence later uttered by Carmel Snow, the Harper’s Bazaar editor : « It’s quite a revolution, dear Christian ! Your dresses are wonderful, they have such a new look ! ».

The silhouette it offers is of a revolutionary design: fitted waist, high and round chest, narrow shoulders, covered legs 40 cm above the ground. The couturier puts elegance and femininity back in the foreground, far from the precepts imposed during the world war. In the aftermath of the Occupation, Christian Dior gave couture its share of dreams and gave women back the taste for pleasing and arousing desire. He “builds” his dresses like an architect. Luxury returns to center stage after a long period of insecurity and anguish, “a return to becoming and pretty, of which women had been deprived for many ages”.

After World War II, “France was very poor, so there wasn’t a lot of money to promote French haute couture. Under the occupation, fashion remained marked by fabric shortages. Christian Dior created his collection, with a profusion of luxurious and abundant materials, in reaction to this imposed austerity : “We had barely emerged from a poor, parsimonious era, obsessed with tickets and textile points. So my dream naturally took the form of a reaction against this poverty.”

After his sudden disappearance in 1957, several designers succeeded one another at the head of the house, taking up the codes of Christian Dior while adding their personal touch. From Yves Saint-Laurent, a young man crowned with his success in the International Wool Secretariat competition, in which Karl Lagerfeld also distinguished himself, to Maria Grazia Chiuri via John Galiano and Raf Simons, the creations of these great Couture names are magnificently represented in the halls of the Galerie Dior which has just opened its doors in the 8th arrondissement of the capital. The spectacular staging will take you on a journey into the magical world of the Dior house.

Emmanuelle Fournier, your licensed guide invites you to discover the Dior Gallery, which also exhibits drawings by the couturier and moving archives retracing the creation of his fashion house by Christian Dior, whose family history is also evoked through photos.

Her emblematic outfits, such as the famous Bar suit, are present as well as the perfumes, including the famous Miss Dior or J’adore. The latter is the subject of a special room in which you can admire precious bottles and sparkling gilded dresses, like the one worn by Charlize Theron in famous advertising clips.

Emmanuelle Fournier will guide you through the rooms that illustrate the different worlds of the Dior house, the garden, travel, art, in particular surrealism, of which Christian Dior, a gallerist for a time, frequented the most famous representatives. The outfits presented testify to the incessant dialogue between the founder of the house and the designers who succeeded him.

The private mansion that hosts the gallery also reveals the office of Christian Dior. A few drawings are placed under the benevolent eye of an illustration by Christian Bérard, who has regularly sketched the couturier’s outfits in fashion magazines.

Finally, a shop is reconstructed, above which (visitors walk on glass cobblestones) your guide, Emmanuelle Fournier, will explain the development of the luxury industry for which haute couture remains a beacon as evidenced by a room reminiscent of a couture show.

  Duration of the tour :

30 minutes to 2 hours

Maximum group size :

From 1 to 6 people

Private tour price :

From 60 to 120 euros

Entrance tickets price :

12 euros per adult

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