About me

I am a professional tour guide in Paris since 2016. I offer private guided tours in Paris and the Parisian region to make you travel through the centuries to discover the monuments and neighborhoods of Paris.

Whether you want to see the highlights of Paris or to get out of the beaten path, I will adapt to your requests.

What I like above all is to pass on my passion for Paris, where every stone is like an open History book !

I am working part time as a private tour guide in Paris. If you are going to other regions in France (Loire Valley, Provence…), I can recommend you to contact some of my colleagues.

Before being a tour guide

I am a civil engineer and have been living in Paris for decades. As I have been interested by art and history since I was a child, I decided to go back to school as I started working as an engineer. I got a degree in Ecole du Louvre and after a few years, I had some complementary training and I also got a degree in guiding allowing me officialy to share my passion for art and history.

What I like…

  • Entering my favorite bakery to enjoy their chocolate cake, but also reading in my favorite garden in the Marais area.

What I do not like…

  • Fake “free tours” : because in France, a guide needs to be licensed, and it matters to me ! The profession of tour guide is a regulated trade, so that you can rely of what you guide tells you.

The professional license

I am a fully licensed professional tour guide. The license is required to guide you through museums and monuments in France. This is a proof that I have graduated from a specific training to be a tourist guide in France.

I always wear this license card around my neck during guided tours, do not hesitate to ask me about it!


Find here all the reviews I received from visitors in the past few years, after a tour in Paris or Versailles.

Those reviews were published on my TripAdvisor page, on my Google page, or directly on this website.

I hope those comments can help you imagine better what to expect during your next tour with me.

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